9 June 2020

Deliver Results Now with Isobar Curbside Pickup Manager

Going all-in with curbside pickup? Isobar’s Curbside Pickup Manager solution will make sure you get set up to do it right – in just weeks.

We ensure that you add curbside pickup to your online commerce capability quickly and efficiently. We offer complete setup and management, including: 

  • Same-day appointment scheduling and rescheduling.
  • Pickup slot management. 
  • Text and email alerts for order processing and fulfilment. 
  • Self-check-ins and associate check-ins. 
  • Integration with existing order processing. 
  • Store capacity management for delivery promise and customer experience. 
  • Optimization of store operations and capacity planning. 
  • Workflow management for curbside pickup, including appointments. 
  • Customer validation, dispensing, inventory updates, and more.

We do all the heavy lifting, like connecting curbside pickup with order management to make sure you provide a great customer experience.


We tap into our relationships with partners such as AdobeOracle, and Salesforce to make it easy for you to extend your online commerce operations with a seamless curbside pickup experience.


For more information on Curbside Pickup Manager, please contact us.