Digital Transformation


We united six brands into one state-of-the-art website, transforming the way people connect with Zwilling portfolio products.


Dis-jointed brand experiences

As one of the world’s oldest and most adored brands, Zwilling was in need of a full-scale digital transformation to bring together its deep history and impressive offering, with an emphasis on experience – to have the innovation of their products realized in their digital presence. More than just the legendary maker of knives, Zwilling expanded into the Zwilling Group now home to some of the world’s finest culinary brands. Acquired over the years, these brands were scattered across separate websites. To connect more closely with customers, the Zwilling Group needed to consolidate their brands into a unified digital ecosystem.


Complete Kitchen Inspiration

Isobar focused the entire strategy around the customer experience while keeping Zwilling’s rich history at the center of all executions, simultaneously bringing them into the 21st century. Using Salesforce Multi-Cloud Isobar has led the experience design, creative, implementation and optimization of the new .com site for a global rollout across many countries and many languages. From concept to code, we created a seamless experience that ignites ‘complete kitchen inspiration’ while elevating the content for all six brands, fusing ecommerce with storytelling. To bridge inspiration with transaction, we catered each customer’s experience with a precise yet scalable content strategy.


The language of food is now delivered in 22 languages around the world. In three months, more than 50,000 new users joined the site in just three months and sales skyrocketed in the U.S. by over 50%. It also contributed to an increase in online orders by 6.9% and mobile users by 34.9%.