Activia Black Launch Campaign


Isobar brings new Activia Black to the market using custom ecosystem of digital tools.


Launch of a new Danone product - Activia Black

We have launched a campaign to support Danone's new product - Activia Black. Active Night/Morning Light was the key message in the campaign to support the launch of Activia Black, the first drinking yoghurt with black charcoal.


Planned KPIs exceeded by 86%

The main campaign tool was a series of posters in a dual concept, for which a special photo session was organized. Their launch took place on social networks: on the brand page on Facebook and Instagram. Also on Instagram, a special AR mask was created, which became a key element of activation on this platform.


Active Night - Morning Light

We exceeded the targets for mask usage by 86%: more than 400 thousand uses of the mask, about 7 thousand photos and videos were taken by users with the help of the mask.
Activia Black Launch Campaign

Activia Black Launch Campaign