We created a chatbot that helped people create the right treatment plan.


Increase knowledge of fungal treatment and increase sales of Onychocide

The drug Onychocide Emtrix solves the delicate problem of CA, namely the treatment of nails affected by a fungal infection or psoriasis. Consumers are embarrassed to ask for an offline consultation in connection with such an uncomfortable disease, preferring to self-medicate or ignore the problem. Also, the problem was the irregular use of the drug, which reduced its effectiveness. The task of the agency was to find effective digital channels, taking into account the designated “pain points” of the target audience.


More than 10,000,000 contacts with the chatbot

The Isobar Ukraine team has developed and implemented a chatbot based on the Viber platform, which is in the top messengers among the Ukrainian audience. In addition to the introductory task, the chatbot solved the problem of regular reminders about the use of Onychocide, since in order to achieve the maximum effect of treatment, it is necessary to use the drug regularly and on time. With the help of a chatbot, users can set a specific reminder time and receive notifications at that time. The functionality also provides a reminder to replenish the stock of the drug, depending on the number of affected nails. When buying a drug, a consumer received a personal digital service for treating a disease, and not just a drug.


One chat-bot - 10 000 000 users

In 2018, users contacted the chatbot more than 10 million times. The project won an award at the Digital Chalengе's internal competition Berline Chemie Menarini.