Gård On


We created a campaign together with the Norwegian dairy producer TINE, to reach young Norwegians. We combined gaming and farming in the YouTube series "Gård On".


The need of communication to young adults

TINEs youngest target group has significantly lower relationship to the Norwegian farmers foodproduction, animal welfare and farming than earlier. The target group are greatly influenced by internation documenteries and propaganda, and are not critical to what they watch or read. Together with the fact that the target group are eating more and more meat - and lactose free, the distance between the foodproduction and product are larger. This was the challenge TINE wanted Isobar to solve.


Gaming and farming

Isobar created a concept and campaign that combined gaming and farming, to reach the young target group on their own premises. Isobar created a concept where two know Norwegian gamers was challenged to be farmers for TINE a whole day. The main channel that we used was YouTube, to reach the target group in one of the channels they use the most. An important part of the solution was to use the idiom on YouTube to reach the audience.


Engagement and long watch time

The campaign was a success and the client was satisfied with the results. The movies had a 100 percent completion rate on 14 %, which is over benchmark for long videos on YouTube (12 %). The average watch time was 97 seconds. The audience showed a good engagement, and the watch time is significant higher than a commercial movie – which result in that the target group will se "more" of TINE than an average commercial movie.