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We created a friendly keyword campaign to remind ICEA LION's customers of their travel insurance offering.


A friendly reminder

People tend to plan for everything when they travel, but they often forget their travel insurance. ICEA LION wanted to promote their customer-first approach and make it convenient for Kenyan consumers to access affordable travel insurance from anywhere in the world.


The right moment

Our research showed that people often use search engines to look up information on their travel destination before they depart for their trip. This key moment provided the perfect opportunity for a keyword search campaign - so consumers would be reminded through a timely and hilarious advert from ICEA LION. This reminder was executed across social platforms and digital video channels, web banners and display advertising and across outdoor.


Driving sales

This campaign delivered 7 million in business value, through reaching over one million people, and 230,000 video views driving 100,000 website visitors.