Pipen Lin

Technical Director

Yi-Hung Lin graduated from the Department of Computer Science of Tamkang University with a Ph.D. and has been engaged in manufacturing, technology, education,  and advertising for more than 20 years and has rich experiences in computer system analysis, system design, system integration, etc.


Clients served to include Amway (IEC, Mobile University, AmCard, Weight Management System, Booking System, Mobile Hub, eSpring System, Check-in System,  Salesforce Integration, etc.), Adidas (Online event integrated with cash flow system), Watsons (LINE integrated with membership system), Haagen Dazs (LINE integrated with membership system), EVA (SDL CMS official website), Diageo (DMS_CRM), CDC (CMS official website), E.SUN Securities (CMS Official website), 12hotpot (LINE member integration with reservation system), Fubon Life Insurance (CMS official website), AVEDA (SALESFORCE integration project) and so on.