SYM Limitless 3D virtual interaction auto show


During Covid-19, SYM created a virtual world breaking the barriers of time and space, allowing limitless SYM model experience through real-time, realistic 3D reconstructions.


Create a limitless virtual auto show

The annual International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition (EICMA), one of the biggest international auto shows, is crucial for SYM to increase its brand visibility; in the face of Covid-19, EICMA regrettably had to cancel the 2020 show. Thus, SYM decided to hold its own online virtual auto show, recreating the complete offline experience online, allowing worldwide fans an up-close and personal experience.


Real-time, Realistic 3D virtual interaction experience

SYM created a virtual world, SYM Limitless, and a virtual anime character, Una, to offer fans worldwide an immersive virtual experience. Utilizing Unity + WebGI to bring forth real-time, realistic 3D SYM models, enabling fans a 360 view of SYM models. In addition, SYM also provided a web AR extending the virtual viewing experience to social interactions, allowing an even more authentic experience.


Taiwan's first successful international online auto show

Within an hour, attracting more than 200,000 fans from 15 nations, successfully created visibility and anticipation of new SYM motorcycle models. The event garnered much media coverage, becoming Taiwan's first successful international online auto show.