1010 Friends New Membership Program

Implementing 1 business platform, 2 O2O social communication platforms and a cross-region membership mechanism to connect 10/10 Group’s multinational network and achieve sales growth.


Establish a cross-region membership mechanism & communication platform

The 10/10 Group has two major brand branches in department stores across major cities in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Through the integration of online and offline member data, 10/10 is able to establish a omnichannel experience, a strong grasp on their consumer profile and preferences, and also enhance customer engagement and elevate membership value.


10/10 Friends New Membership Program

We implemented Salesforce for 10/10 and connected their LINE, WeChat, SMS, e-commerce platform and brick-and-mortar stores to create a cross-region membership mechanism and communication platform. This new platform created a transparent, real-time and multiregional reward program, which increased consumer’s willingness to use its program, while also providing staff better access and accuracy to members’ purchase preference, frequency and location etc.… data, allowing a more personalized store experience and promotions to increase repurchase.


Seamless customer experience to elevate membership value

Through effectively enhancing member engagement, it also boosted consumer awareness for purchase and member program. Sales increased 30% compared to the same period last year.