Isobar Digital Temple


"We rescue customers from data woes." The first online temple in Taiwan dedicated to solving "digital difficulties" is on your LINE!


How to solve the digital problem? How do I start? It’s too difficult!

Large enterprises need to transform, and small brands need to be exposed. The sudden epidemic has made the digitalization of brands even more urgent. "How to become more digital" has become the biggest difficulty faced by all business owners.


If you want to reverse "digital difficulty" into "digital no difficulty", come to isobar Digital Temple!

As a leading brand of digital agents, isobar launched the "isobar digital temple" at the time when the construction of the whole Taiwan began to pray for blessings for business owners! We based on the digital problems faced by business owners, combined with isobar's digital products (digital Transformation/Business Data/Technology Trends/Creative Experience/Marketing Technology), launched 10 digital gods without difficulty. Through a series of interactions, business owners can actually "experience" isobar's digital services, and step by step guide to subscribe to Isobar's LINE official website account to build long-term relationships.


Haven't joined the LINE OA yet? Open your LINE now and search for isobar Digital Temple!

Four weeks after the event was launched, "isobar Digital  Temple" was successfully listed on the LINE of more than 500 business owners, and more than 90% of existing customers took the initiative to consult digital services, and successfully created more business opportunities with B2B business accounts. ! There are no difficulties in digital, as long as you need it, open your LINE, and Isobar Digital Temple will always stay by your side.