A pizza that offended 2 countries

Pizza Hut

By sparking the ultimate debate between food culture differences, the ramen pizza campaign not only became a global sensation but also delivered business growth.


Penetrating battlefield stronghold

Delivery was Pizza Hut's edge in the market, but the rise of UberEATS and Foodpanda in recent years has crowded the market and won the hearts of young consumers. How can a ramen pizza campaign capture the attention of young consumers on social media and win back their hearts?


Amplify culture shock on social media to spark conversation

Highlighting the different perceptions in food cultures, debate and conversation on social media were sparked through 3 phases. First, we introduced Pizza Hut’s cross-collaboration with a famous Japan ramen champion; next, we invited Taiwanese and Japanese KOLs to try the ramen pizza on social media; finally, we welcomed consumers to debate their thoughts on the ramen pizza on social platforms. The responses online caught on like wildfire.


Free media from CNN US and several international media outlets

Pizza Hut's sales went through the roof, the campaign also created a new era of online volume, attracting more than 4 million interactions. It also attracted CNN US, CNN Japan, The Independent, and other major domestic and foreign media.