New nigh time product launch - The Chillest Second Night


Transformed hard product knowledge into catchy melodies that consumers can’t get enough of.


creating a entertaining brand experience

Gen Z craves new experiences and values a different approach to interacting with brands. How do we get Gen Z to experience such an intimate product, deliver new product information, and create a connection with them?


Gen Z pop star as a bridge

Teaming up with a popular Gen Z pop star to create a song about her emotional rollercoaster and anxiety during the menstrual period. The tailor-made single, Chillest Second Night, also inserted new product information cleverly, turning the advertisement into catchy lyrics. Dance moves were designed and incorporated to encourage Gen Z to take the single to TikTok.


Chillest resonance 

The film was a hit, receiving more than 9 million organic views. Post-test data showed a boost in product awareness and witnessed real sales performance growth as well.