Clarins V Protractor Filter


Enhance Product Experience & WOM Through Innovative “Clarins V Protractor” Filter


Enhance product confidence by seeing the change

Clarins Laboratories are considered pioneers in the fields of plant science and technology, V Shaping Facial Lift Serum is one of Clarins’ latest advancement with new plant innovation, a contouring serum that takes action against the pull of gravity to visibly sculpt, slim and depuff facial features. In Taiwan market, some consumers still doubt or question the effectiveness of  plant derived products. How do we enhance V Shaping Facial Lift Serum’s product confidence and resolve this misunderstanding?


FB Chatbot X AR Filter, an easy tool to share and sample.

With consumer’s dependence on mobile phones and the rise of selfies and filters, we created - Clarins V Protractor, a digital mirror allowing users to measure their facial angle with ease. Integrating FB AR filter and 3D real-time technology, users can check their facial V shape anytime, anywhere, while collecting all the interaction data. Provided users a fun and easy sampling experience.


Consumer testimony brought to life

Clarins saw a 54% increase in sample redeem rates compared to last year.