Oh My Goddess

Pizza Hut

Unique “Kabedon Pizza Box” stregthens parent-child relationship and allows consumers to show off on social media


Create motivation to order pizza for Mother’s day

Catering market faces fierce competition during Mother’s Day. For this special day, celebrating at a restaurant is a natural choice for most consumers. How can we break this habit and attract younger generations to enjoy pizza with their mothers at home for Mother's Day?


Adding animation elements to attract the younger generation is a key to initiate discussion and social media engagement.

The limited edition mother’s day pizza box was designed to create opportunity for younger generations to interact with their mothers. Adding animation elements that younger generation liked to a normal pizza box, transformed ordinary pizza boxes into fun prospective photo props. We encouraged consumers to share their photos online to show off the good relationship with their mother, successfully improving children’s relationship with parents.


Increase SOV and sales

Internet volume soared four times during Mother’s Day 2020, and pizza sales grew 34% over the same period last year’s Mother’s Day.