6 November 2019

How Clarins and Isobar foster creative thinking together

For the fifth year running, Isobar hosted the Isobar Academy in London this September.
The Isobar Academy is a programme that brings together multi-discipline teams from across EMEA to work on a live client brief. The client showcased in this edition of Isobar Academy was international beauty brand, Clarins. Isobar and Clarins have partnered for over a decade, to deliver a global ecommerce offering on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform that is best in class. Across the course of the programme, lasting two days, Isobar talent from disciplines including creative, technology, strategy and UX worked alongside our Clarins colleagues from brand, marketing and ecommerce to answer briefs focused on commerce and voice. The Academy began with a series of inspirational presentations from Isobar Chief Experience Officer, Simon Gill, Isobar UK Head of Innovation, Alex Hamilton and Clarins UK Director of Digital, Ecommerce and CRM, Emilie Maunoury, on case studies, thought-provoking in-store customer experience stories, and the latest thinking from Clarins.Using a human-centred design approach and bespoke personas to work through a rapid ideation process, the teams started work on their briefs with the goal of having a solution to present to the Clarins team the following day. Midway through the first day, teams were invited to a session by inspirational speaker, Tomas Roope, former Google Group Creative Lead. The final day of Academy allowed for ideas to be refined, final solutions to be presented and the Clarins team to select their winning idea. Remarking on the success of the programme, Hamilton said, “Working with the Clarins team to co-create ideas in this way represents the future of agency-brand relationships. Having this focused time together as one team is valuable and the design sprint methodology was successful in harnessing the creativity of all those involved.” Sophie Waring, Business Manager, Clarins UK said, “It’s really exciting to be part of the process to build something that will be more valuable to our customers and create customer loyalty — this is essentially what we are looking for.”Sophie continues “It has been very interesting to work with people who I wouldn't normally work with on a daily basis and see how everything has come together — from the creative perspective — all the way to digital.” Emilie Maunoury, Digital, Ecommerce and CRM Director, Clarins UK said, “A key takeaway from Isobar Academy is the methodology — especially for our teams — it is a new way of thinking. How can you do as much as you can within a day and a half, using very specific methods and things that in your day-today-work you don't necessarily spend time on?” Emilie continues, “We have amazing teams, Isobar have amazing teams, and the results from Isobar Academy are above what we could have expected.”