The New Normal Navigator

Camp Quality

We created a friendly tool that preemptively supports and guides families undergoing cancer treatment.


Supporting the journey

Families who have been impacted by cancer found it hard to transition from hospital to home. The emotional and practical support provided daily in the hospital suddenly disappears and families felt alone and unsure of where to seek support.

While trying to juggle everyday life with a recovering child, parents were either turning to Google for advice, or getting overwhelmed by the volume of information out there. They needed a supportive guide, to show them the information and support services that weres relevant to them, based on where they were both in the cancer experience and geographically.


Educate & inspire hope

In preparing to leave the hospital, we wanted to ensure that they feel emotionally and practically ready, and have everything they need for home.

“Once home, we want to support families in navigating the early days and changes they may experience, and provide a solid connection to support services for longer-term adjustment”

The app provides people with relevant articles and family stories, to educate and inspire, throughout their transition. There is a section of the app full of fun and engaging activities, to promote connection and a little light-heartedness during their challenging times. We also have a section of recommended services, that are tailored to the users’ needs especially to help and support families at critical times.