Elextrolux X Sellpy – Shipped Fresh


A collaboration between Electrolux and online fashion reseller Sellpy joining the fight for circular fashion, by inspiring everyone to take better care of their clothes.


Countering the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment

Fashion is a thirsty beast. To produce a single t-shirt, you need 2 700 liters of freshwater. And that's just on the production side of it; the wear and tear of a garment are equally important.

Buying more second-hand is a great way to counter the negative impact that fashion has on the environment. But the truth is that on average, only 8% of clothes are reused and sold second-hand. In contrast, as much as 56% is simply thrown away after only 10 uses.

Why? Many consumers associate vintage and second-hand with dirty, stale, and bad-smelling clothes. There's also the hurdle of having to wash your new piece right after buying it. 


Shipped Fresh – A new take on fashion collabs

Together with online fashion reseller Sellpy, we set up the world's first online washing service for second-hand clothing. Each item in the collaboration, sold via Sellpy.com, was washed in an Electrolux PerfectCare washing machine using 30% less water than your regular washer, before being Shipped Fresh. Each order contained updated washing instructions and key take-aways from Electrolux report The Truth About Laundry.  

The goal was to inspire everyone to look fab in fresh old clothes, take better care of their garments, and join the fight for circular fashion. Making our clothing last twice as long and halve its environmental impact by 2030. Now that's how you dress for success!


Turning fashion statements into climate statements

We washed and shipped more than 2 000 pieces of clothing during the one-month campaign period. Showing and telling Swedish fashionistas exactly how to turn a fashion statement into a climate statement.