16 January 2020

CES 2020 Recap Report

Isobar have launched a 'CES 2020 Recap Report', an exploration of the key trends captured by Isobar's team of experts at CES 2020. The report guides brands and retailers through the hype and focuses on the innovations that will transform businesses in the months and years to come.
We have grouped our findings into three technological trends that are transforming our industry:

1. Digital Assistants - ‘Channels’ are no longer ring-fenced platforms. From retail to packaging, transit to mobile - anything has the capacity to be an augmented interface for your brand.

2. Health Technology - Affective data offers possibilities for rich insights and anticipating consumers needs. Where this gets really exciting is the opportunity to craft experiences that meet the consumers emotional needs through biometric data.

3. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality - The audience can be (literally) placed at the centre of your experience, whether it’s activated by their location, gesture or voice.

And three industry verticals that are the bellwethers for change:

1. Media & Entertainment - Whilst connected devices are expanding the field of entertainment, don’t be fooled into thinking traditional media is on its way out: screens and radio are undergoing their own transformation.

2. Automotive & Transportation - With creativity, brands have expanded from product silos into experience ecosystems comprised of products, services and content that work together to holistically enhance our lifestyles and reinforce their purpose.

3. Energy & Sustainability - With interest in sustainability on the rise, brands are revisiting their original purpose and activating to deliver social impact.

In each chapter, we cover the best-in-class examples of these trends in action, sharing insights that will enable you to achieve success through idea-led experiences that can deliver growth.


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