Voyage of Imagination


A young boy who challenged the limits of OCBC Voyage with his imagination.


Positioning a card that challenged the category norm

The OCBC Voyage credit card was redesigned to challenge widely accepted but unsatisfactory category norms in the travel miles segment.

Specifically, it was extremely customer centric, allowing card holders to use accumulated miles to travel even during blackout dates to any country of choice. It also had a concierge service that would go to great lengths to secure card holders' requests, no matter big or small.

We decided that Voyage's marketing needed to communicate and reflect the bold thinking that went into the product and service design and not just be another product feature war flashing ever bigger promotions.


Your imagination sets our limits

The positioning statement was really a challenge from OCBC Voyage to it's prospective customers - If you can imagine it, we will try our best to deliver it. This statement fully captured the bank's intent with Voyage's offerings and also became an important differentiator in it's marketing communications.

We created a beautifully shot 3min online film depicting a young boy with a great desire to see snow for the first time in his life. After getting disappointed a number of times, his parents finally call on OCBC Voyage for help.

A simple heartwarming script that naturally depicted all the unique features of the Voyage card and it's use cases throughout the story.