Virtual Check Out


We re-created the 'checkout counter experience' to boost online sales of Mondelez.


Shifting consumer behaviour

Impulse purchases are a key moment for the chewing gum category, and our challenge for our Mondelez client in Mexico was to translate that moment from real life into the ecommerce world. This is a business problem that needed to be addressed, with the ecommerce market increasing by 56% in the Mexico in 2016 alone. 

We know that people shop in different ways online, compared to thow they shop in store, and this is impacting sales. Today, consumers perform fast, habitual shops with no time for browsing. So, in order to increase impulse purchases, consumers need to be prompted at the right moment in the consumer journey.


Re-modelling the check-out experience

We partnered with Superama, a premium supermarket chain in Mexico and used their ecommerce app to digitise this check-out counter experience. Once consumers have finished their usual purchases, a final screen displays the Mondelez products for people to add them to their carts just before the check out.


Delivering sales results

For the first time in Mexico, Mondelez could take their products straight to their digital customers – just like they do at the supermarket. Our innovation resulted in an increase of unit sales by 248%. The average purchase was 1.3 customer at the virtual checkout shelf with products on display up 177% across all the ecommerce platforms and the app sore a whopping 668% sales increase.