In an awareness campaign for Asepxia, we encouraged people to turn their imperfections into prizes.


Brand differentiation

The teen skin-care market in Mexico is highly competitive, so how could Asepxia become the market-leading acne brand and differentiate its product? Brands in Mexico often focus on selling a products with the notion that they attack people’s acne. In order to stand out, Asepxia needed to challenge this social prejudice.


Competition with a difference

We created the first digital platform that invited teenagers to turn their skin imperfections into prizes and experiences. ‘Winperfections’, is a marketing campaign, application and competition mechanic that used a facial recognition algorithm to detect the number of imperfections on a teen's face.

The app scanned the number of imperfections, and rewarded people based on the number of imperfections they had. The more imperfections, the better the prize!


Community excitement online

The campaign resulted in six million social media impressions, 142,000 app visits and 52,500 users in three weeks. The competition rewarded over 200 people with prizes.