Burger King

We created an experimental video campaign that leveraged the intangible sensations of eating a Burger King Whopper Burger.


Retain a market-leading position

Burger King is one of the most popular brands across the world. But to maintain market-leading position, Burger King needed to remind people of their love for the one and only WHOPPER®, the jewel in the burger chain's crown. Our insight was that the WHOPPER® is so iconic that most people subconsciously connect it with the feeling of satisfaction, enjoyment and deliciousness - how could we bring this to life in a campaign idea?


Show don't tell

Our idea was to let the product speak for itself. Instead of creating a campaign where we talk about the WHOPPER® we gave people the opportunity to experience the sensation of the whopper by stimulating one of their most powerful senses: hearing. We created an experiential video based on the previously recorded Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response sounds of eating a WHOPPER®.