Marketing Intelligence

In today’s world, large-scale business transformation requires an understanding of the consumer landscape, one that enables businesses to anticipate and swiftly respond to consumers’ changing needs, wants and behaviors. Isobar’s marketing intelligence practice leverages the latest approaches in emotional, behavioural and cognitive sciences for a dynamic, 360° understanding of the consumer. By inputting this understanding into a wide variety of marketing databases, we enable customized communications, digital experience and product offerings.

Using a proprietary, award-winning suite of emotion science tools – including MindSight® – we help clients understand the subconscious drivers of consumer behavior, so you can create among customers, an emotional bond with, and enduring loyalty to, your brand.

MindSight Direct, is a “self-service” version of Mindsight® that offers the same power and insights, but enables clients to initiate and manage their own studies. This highly scalable method allows brands to investigate their audience’s unconscious emotional drivers to explore categories, identify white space opportunities, test communications including websites and ads, test packages and products and assess their brand as a whole.

Our Practice identifies, develops and helps implement transformational strategies in the most important decision areas: Segmentation & Targeting, Brand Positioning & Messaging, Product & Pricing, Media and Omni-Channel Strategies, and Creative Strategy. Clients include GM, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Burger King, CVS, Amazon, AstraZeneca, DIAGEO, Chobani, Pepsi, Pfizer and P&G. Find out more here.

Our Marketing Intelligence Consultancy offers market segmentation and targeting, new product marketing research and strategy, with unparalleled insights provided by Mindsight, our proprietary applied neuroscience tool, and the Digital Strength Index, an aggregate measure of digital performance.


Uncovering emotional, behavioural, cognitive science and consumer insights.