22 November 2019

Isobar Portugal wins 2 awards for YoPRO

iProspect and Isobar were awarded with a silver and a bronze XV Eficácia Award for Danone's YoPRO Launch Campaign in the Food & Beverage and New Products and Services categories.
The Effectiveness Awards aims to inform the industry community (Agencies and Clients) about the best communication strategies today. Isobar and iProspect's day-to-day life is made up of just that: it is about our customers' business, whether it's about building a brand, designing a website strategy and production, or improving the customer experience, in the analysis of results or, as in this case, in the creative development of the Danone YoPRO Launch Campaign. Danone decided to launch a new brand in Portugal in May 2019 - YoPRO - which was intended to occupy a relevant space in a growing segment: “Yoghurts & Protein Fermented Milk”. A segment that already had some established competitors. Given the required efficiency, a mostly digital communication campaign was set up to achieve an ambitious market share in less than 2 months. This campaign used an innovative data-based message optimization strategy to eliminate waste and maximize attendance levels in the most qualified segments, enabling it to firmly exceed all established business and communication objectives. Alignment between Danone, iProspect and Isobar helped secure the success of the campaign. Danone established the brand's goals and targets, iProspect studied Portuguese search behaviours, identified priority segments and ensured efficient and effective communication in the campaign and Isobar provided the campaign creative, elevated through copywriting and the subtlety of animations. “When we are working with these types of formats we have to keep in mind that they will compete for the user's attention on an environment in which they are involved and that they will have to create enough curiosity and visual impact to make the user want to click. For this, creative messages (copy) and colour contrast are essential. Essential is also that this is perfectly aligned with iProspect's brand objectives and prior work. It was a pleasure and real teamwork! - Ana Inocêncio, Isobar“ This is an excellent example of a campaign that has combined iProspect's expertise in extracting, processing and using consumer data in order to support and enable the personalization of a disruptive creative strategy, designed and materialized differently by Isobar. By optimizing the pressure of different creative messages throughout the campaign, it was possible to achieve excellent results, both in terms of engagement and sales. A collaboration that motivates and fills both teams in the Dentsu group with pride! ”- David Reis, iProspect.