Billy Corgan

Our globally award-winning VR experience for Billy Corgan blended creativity and technology to create a world-first.


Next-Level entertainment

To launch Ogilala, William Patrick Corgan’s first solo album in over a decade, we needed a brand experience that would contemporise his work, and articulate and promote his artistic vision.


A unique experience

We created “Aeronaut,” a VR experience that blends technology and creativity to create a world-first in VR. To begin with, Directors David Liu and Rob Ruffler, Isobar and Viacom NEXT, created a hologram of Corgan performing. It was captured in volumetric video at Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios, and imported into an animated world by Danny Bittman, a Seattle based VR Artist, created using TiltBrush and Blocks by Google. The experience integrated technologies like never before.