12 September 2019

Isobar Portugal promotes Creative Director & Head of Project Management

The duo Miguel Mateus and Margarida Fonseca have been promoted to Creative Director and Head of Project Management & Traffic Manager.
Margarida says: “Participating with Mateus in a Pitch can quickly become an exhausting exercise like running half a marathon, yet Mateus is the creative guy with the greatest ability to come up with ideas per minute, pick up the best ones and build a case.” Miguel says: “The total opposite of my process, with her I know that every project is either a Fight Club ode, with Slipknot as a soundtrack, or a total Kumbaya experience with matching sneakers. But giving everything is part of the way we work. #dysfunctionalfamily” Mateus likes Ljubomir Stanisic stories, Margarida likes João Kopke's, Mateus likes Dead Combo's strings, Margarida loves Captain Fausto's. For Miguel the best taste in the world it’s coconut, for Margarida, it's basil, both spend more than they should on sneakers! They have in common the beginning: the degree in Design by IADE. From then on the choices they made led them in very different ways: Margarida started in digital when digital was taking the first steps in Portugal, and later made a career change: from Web Designer to Project Manager when she moved to Portugal Telecom - today Altice. “Working at Portugal Telecom gave me discipline and a sense that work is much more than a job that has to be done. There, I was free to do with my job function what I wanted and that is very useful to me at Isobar “I acquired a lot of knowledge and tools and worked on large projects that only companies like that at that time provided”. She worked with clients like Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, IKEA, MEO, UZO, Renault, Vaqueiro, Sonae and many others and more importantly, surrounded by a variety of disciplines and colleagues that have given her a broad portfolio of interests. Mateus has a decade of communication experience at communication agencies under his belt. He passed by the most recognized creative agencies in Portugal: Havas Portugal, Fuel Lisboa, etc. In 2014, he joined Isobar as Senior Designer. “Isobar Portugal, formerly View, has always been a reference in my career. A recognized pedigree that serves as an inspiration and a reference for the team and especially something that I want to convey in each project and each client. I believe in high artistic notes backed by solid and innovative technology solutions that, more than challenging our team, become reference projects for our customers. ”