30 April 2019

Isobar Poland gets a bronze silver and gold award in the Innovation Festival

This year’s Innovation Festival awards ceremony took place on 15th April, organised by Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR – Poland's Association of Marketing Communications.
The Skoda and McDonald's work entered by Isobar Poland was awarded bronze, silver and gold by the jury in three categories.
 Bovska Skoda Fabia LIVE
 To promote the new ŠKODA FABIA model, Isobar created the strategy and delivered an integrated campaign that included the production of a 60-second spot shot live, in one take. The campaign 'Bovska Skoda Fabia LIVE' received a silver award in the 'Innovative media — media and advertising formats' category. The ‘mastershot’ was broadcast simultaneously on TVN television and main online polish news services including Gazeta.pl, WP.pl, Facebook and YouTube platforms, influencer channels, Cinema City Arkadia cinema and on TV screens in MediaMarkt store. The campaign features Bovska, a young Polish musician singing 'You Got It' by Roy Orbison to ensure it resonated both with the ŠKODA FABIA older target demographic, and younger, safety conscious consumers.
 On Saturday 6th of October, during the ad break of “Got Talent” on TVN, viewers watched the unique film, created and broadcast live. Online viewers could also watch ‘behind the scenes’ footage, and watch interviews with Rafał Masny from AbstrachujeTV who was directing the production. Immediately following the 60-second commercial, Bovska opened a concert to promote the new album 'Kęsy' on Gazeta.pl, WP.pl and in social media to launch the artist's concert tour.
 2forU Stories - McDonald's
 The campaign '2 for U Stories' created for McDonald’s Poland received two awards: bronze in the 'Innovative experiences — Touchpoint' category and gold in the 'Innovative media — media and advertising formats' category.
 For McDonald’s Poland, 2forU – a value-for-money combination of one of the basic burgers and a small beverage or small fries – is a key generator of footfall into McDonald's restaurants. However, the range of fast food brands’ low-priced offers for youngsters is widening day by day, so striving for attention and engagement of young people is a constant fight. The Polish branch of McDonald's decided to implement a special 2forU promotion that they believed would be the most effective for their business. It consisted in the daily publication of promotional coupons in McDonald’s mobile application. Isobar’s task was to create a digital campaign to promote it.
 The "2forU Stories” campaign reached 5.5 million people on social media, which accounts for almost 70% of the target group. An innovative application of Instagram Stories – one of the highest social media consumptions among young people in Poland – resulting in the image of McDonald’s product being refreshed. The content that we carefully tailored to the target audience made them perceive the brand as refreshing and modern, yet affordable and profiled to their interests and behaviour. All this has positively influenced the business results. The campaign increased McDonald’s app downloads nationwide by 55%, but what’s most important, it renewed the consumers’ interest in the product. Over its course, the guest count rose over 3.4% and, in comparison to the same period last year, the increase in sales reached a whopping 14%.