9 May 2016

MasterCard & Isobar Poland launch experience at Orange Warsaw Festival

The Orange Warsaw Festival has come to an end on Sunday with the party not only on the main stage, but also in the exclusive Mastercard Zone.
Visitors could make purchases using MasterPass Pop Up Store or participate in an interactive play based on EEG technology. Isobar Poland delivered both projects and used EEG (electroencephalograph) technology to create an interactive game that allows participants to acquire gadgets. Isobar created the interactive game with 2 coloured balls to relate to the MasterCard logo and brand. Participants of the challenge put on a special head set which measured the strength of their concentration. The more focused a player, the faster approached each ball. Over 550 people participated in the game. MasterPass Pop Up Store is an interactive commerce website offering clothing from independent Polish designers, which allows to purchase selected products offered by Showroom while using the technology of the MasterPass. The project, created by Isobar Poland, premiered in December 2014 during an event organized in Galeria Mokotów and at independent fashion fair #Hash Warsaw. "MasterCard operates at the intersection of payments, technology and creativity. We look forward to every opportunity to emphasize this in a unique way" said Luiza Derek, Director of Marketing at the Polish branch of MasterCard Europe. "We are glad that music fans so eagerly take part in some of our offered activities. Thanks to them, they come back from the festival with not only musical memories" his year Isobar will salso spport MasterCard’s zones also at the Open'er Festival in Gdynia and the Off Festival in Katowice.