Ready for the Future


Telia helps Swedish workplaces to test how ready they are for the increasingly digitalised future.


Bringing ICT to life

The aim for Telia is to help shutting the digital gap in Sweden and to help workplaces to create growth through digitalisation. As a part of accomplishing this they want more workplaces, in every sizes, to acknowledge and use their overall solutions within ICT. Our challenge was to make visible the ICT-solutions from Telia in a playful and inclusive way, and through this reach out to a broad target group.


A test that reflects the complexity of the digitalised society today

A digital index based on a survey, enabled comparisons of the level of digitalisation between companies in the same trade, size and geographical area. With that as a starting point we developed the campaign Ready for the future. A playful and inclusive test reflected the complexity of the digitalised society today through a graphic manner. By taking the test, companies could measure how ready they were for the future. We also produced a launch campaign which consisted of a commercial, content for social media, an information folder and display advertising.

Already the campaign has reached the KPI’s set for the number of completed tests. This has provided Telia with substantial material to be able to meet the needs of the Swedish workplaces to help them become more digitalised. Since the site is an always on-solution we evaluate the results on an annual basis.