We translated McDonald's traditional coupon campaign onto instagram to reach young people.


How to get young people's attention?

Today fast food restaurants have an impressive offer for young people looking for good value products in a low price range. McDonald’s wanted to refresh the image of '2forU' - their product offer for youngsters, so we were tasked with two business challenges: to increase year-on-year sales and increase retail guest count.


Designed for Instagram

McDonald’s launched a special promotion that issued different 2forU coupons every day. We leveraged Instagram Stories to translate the coupon promotion for our young audience, and produced 35 spots that disappeared after 24 hours. Each spot revolved around the product offer from each day, and was filmed exclusively on a phone in vertical format, using familiar instagram assets, such as stickers, filters and superzooms to ensure the advert felt appropriate to the platform. Each of them disappeared after 24 hours and was supported by a TVC advert filmed using the same styling.


Unprecedented reach

During a 5 week-long campaign '2forU' Stories reached more than 5.5 million people on social media, with over 29 million media impressions.