Missing Link

Annapurna & Laika

Our cinematic Alexa skill for LAIKA’s “Missing Link” used the power of voice to turn consumers into daring explorers.


Extend the story beyond the film

In order to appeal to a younger audience, Annapurna Pictures called on Isobar to create an engaging activity centered around the main themes of Laika’s new film, Missing Link. Isobar needed to create an audio-only experience that brings the visual richness of the “Missing Link” experience to life while balancing storytelling and interaction among the movie’s principal characters and the user. 


Augmenting the medium of film

Working closely with Amazon we created a highly interactive experience that reinvented storytelling for the age of conversation.  We needed to create a standalone Alexa voice skill to serve as pre-release promotion for the film. One that families could also enjoy for the life of the movie and beyond. This meant crafting new storylines with all original dialog, and have every single word spoken by the film’s characters (sorry Alexa). We concepted, wrote, produced and built an Alexa skill that brings to life the premise of LAIKA’s major motion picture, Missing Link–Adventure Links Us All. The new Missing Link Alexa skill features six immersive stories each spoken in the character’s voices. The adventure offers 100 paths to travel with 15,000 possible journeys.