Gamification of support activities


We made systems support fun for JTI employees with a custom Microsoft SharePoint solution.


Encouraging employee engagement

JTI employee platform was a static representation of system support activities. JTI wanted to implement a gamification approach that would encourage employees to engage across the platform.


Revamping the interface and system

Isobar Commerce built a custom SharePoint solution to completely revamp and replace the classic SharePoint 2010 user interface with a colourful branded and gamification approach. Taking the design to a new level, Isobar worked to deploy an interactive 3D game, called Power User Race. Power User Race’s objective was to simulate a race between employees to be rewarded. The Power User Development Team can now distribute prizes, allocate bonus points and give grades easily and directly on the intuitive graphical interface, instead of a SharePoint backend.


Platform success

Since the launch of Power User Race for JTI, over 200 surveyed JTI employees stated they love the new platform.