B2B Online Channel

Royal Canin

To support Royal Canin’s shift from a Distribution Model to a Direct to Customer Model, we helped to create Royal Canin’s first B2B online channel.


Creating a B2B online channel

Royal Canin had been looking to add a B2B online channel for veterinarian clinics, breeders and pet retail stores for its Korean market. It would be the first Magento project in Korea to deploy on the Magento eCommerce platform which was not language pack ready for this market. With 60% of its Royal Canin Korea’s business in the Seoul Metro area, Royal Canin headquarters decided to invest massively in the Korean market by changing its distribution model from a distributor model to direct to customer. Royal Canin Korea allowed its Seoul Metro customers, which consisted of veterinarian clinics, 900 breeders and 2342 pet retail stores, to place orders through telephone, web and e-mail.


Royal Canin's first B2B eCommerce website using Magento

Isobar Commerce coordinated with the Royal Canin Korean team and APAC headquarters for a soft launch with key B2B clients, followed by an official launch in Q2 of 2015. Korean country specifics were taken into account for payment methods with first data payment gateway and bank transfer. Tax configuration and checkout process were also localized for data auto-completion and e-mail category. Integration work with Magento included ERP Microsoft Navision to automate invoice creation process and Zopim Live Chat integration to facilitate order process. Complex B2B features were also implemented for customer segmentation management. Due to project success, Isobar Commerce also deployed Royal Canin’s China B2B e-commerce solution in 2016.


A successful B2B eCommerce experience

Since launch, the percentage of orders coming from its first B2B online channel and ROI far surpassed Royal Canin’s expectations. An efficient order method for customers was achieved and Royal Canin was greatly satisfied.