20 January 2021

Dentsu Isobar, Dentsu Digital and ISID launch the Dentsu DX Ground

The three companies' combined strength will support businesses' digital transformation (DX) infrastructures using enterprise cloud solution integration.

Dentsu Isobar, Dentsu Digital and Information Services International Dentsu (ISID) have announced the launch of Dentsu DX Ground, a cross-group organization of 400 professionals that will provide cloud solution integration and implementation support for DX infrastructures for marketing. Starting from January 20, the Dentsu DX Ground is fully operational.

Digital transformation (DX) in the corporate sector today is advancing at an unprecedented speed, and there is an urgent need to optimize systems that comprise their foundations for transformation. Digitalization of the marketing segment, in particular, requires quick responses; essential to meet the changes in society, consumer sentiment and need the use of multifunctional and convenient cloud solutions such as Salesforce Customer 360, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Adobe Experience Cloud. While there is a tendency to combine multiple cloud solutions, there is an increasing shortage of quantitative and qualitative human talent able to understand the complexity and structural sophistication of these systems and the tasks they operate such as multi-cloud solutions that combine and integrate various features.

Dentsu Isobar, Dentsu Digital, and ISID have established a systematic approach to strengthen these integrations and support DX progress through the consolidated effort of their professionals to propose optimal solutions that build and operate large-scale and ever more complex cloud solutions and data.  

Individual Strengths in the Dentsu DX Ground

Dentsu Isobar is a member of Isobar, a global network of digital experience agencies that provide borderless services across 85 offices in 45 markets around the world. Under the “We are the CX Design Firm” vision, Dentsu Isobar delivers customer experience (CX) design and strategic consulting through cutting-edge marketing ideas and technology to solve complex business challenges.


Dentsu Digital's strengths are its advanced planning precision and policy development capabilities underpinned by the marketing methods of the Dentsu Group in Japan. Dentsu Digital professionals work closely with businesses towards realizing their vision, new business/service models required for cloud integration, and advanced CRM that uses marketing automation to support customer-centric DX structures. Including the Dentsu DX Ground itself, it will reinforce marketing technology foundations to promote one-stop integration for businesses, from planning to system development and operations.


ISID provides a broad range of IT solutions powered by cutting-edge technology for its clients in various industries including finance, services, manufacturing, and logistics. In the marketing sector, ISID holds a solid track record building CRM systems, marketing automation, contact centers, Etc., that integrate multiple cloud solutions and link existing systems owned by different companies, as well as building mission-critical systems that handle extensive amounts of data.


The joint operation of this new organization will put the three companies' consolidated know-how to work towards supporting businesses’ enterprise-wide DX, starting from digital marketing, and develop new technology and services to empower it through recruitment activities.





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