16 November 2020

Dentsu Isobar Wins at the 2020 60th ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS

Wins include a Silver win in Design and a Bronze in Marketing Effectiveness for its work for Aeon Signa Sports United and Suntory Holdings.

Dentsu Isobar has announced winning Silver in the Design Category for its work on OUTFITTER, a project by AEON SIGNA Sports United, and Bronze in the Marketing Effectiveness Category for Suntory Holdings’ "Sakimeshi Supported by SUNTORY" project at the 2020 60th ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards.

Hosted by the ACC Foundation, the ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards currently covers all creative industries across various fields and is one of the largest of its kind in Japan.


OUTFITTER - Silver in Design

This new e-commerce business focuses on bespoke sport uniform design. The OUTFITTER service successfully motivates customers to use this new sales channel to fully create their own sports uniforms. It is Japan’s first ever sponsor-customized uniform design service in Japan that provides a stress-free, frictionless purchase experience for its customers.  

This service introduced a new business model in Japan where customers can benefit with up to a 50% price reduction by adding sponsoring company logos on the uniform. It created a frictionless purchasing experience for customers to preview their designs in real-time and try out design variations, colors and logos toward full customization. Its headless architecture, decoupled design and systems, greatly increasing freedom for creating designs while allowing room for a future OMO expansion. 



OUTFITTER website: https://www.outfitter.jp/

AEON SIGNA Sports United Inc.: https://www.aeonsigna-sportsunited.co.jp/


Sakimeshi Supported by SUNTORY - Bronze in Marketing Effectiveness

Suntory, a major business in the beverage industry launched this project to support the restaurant industry and bringing unity among people in Japan during the coronavirus pandemic. Through a collaboration with Gigi Inc. (https://www.gigi.tokyo/) to develop and provide fully renewed services using an advanced payment system, Suntory supported customers’ favorite restaurants through the purchase of tickets paid to designated restaurants in advance for dining experiences at a later date. In supporting restaurants and related businesses in general via donations distributed to all registered establishments equally, Suntory contributed to 100 Million Yen through commission fees and donations that kept businesses operational during a time of strict social distancing measures. In addition, Suntory also covered the 10% commission fee. 


Sakimeshi Supported by Suntory website: https://www.sakimeshi.com/




The ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards is hosted by the ACC Foundation and was held in 1961 for the first time under the name of the ACC CM Festival with the aim to improve the quality of TV and radio commercials. Renamed in 2017, was renamed and expanded to cover all creative industries. The award is recognized as one of the largest of its kind in Japan and the ACC Gran Prix, along with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Award, is highly contended by those who work in the creative industry.


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