10 September 2020

We are winners at MMA SMARTIES China Awards

Isobar China Group has won five awards at the MMA SMARTIES China Awards 2020, including one gold, three silver and one bronze in categories such as mobile commerce, mobile games and machine learning.


Let's get inspired by our award-winning cases!


Mickey on Tmall Super Brand Day

Cross-media/ Cross-mobile Integration, Silver
Mobile Commerce/ New Retail, Silver

To create a brand-new interactive experience that directly reaches the hearts of consumers, Disney Mickey in cooperation with Tmall Super Brand Day for the first time created a new IP 2B2C model. By capitalising on Tmall voice recognition technology, we launched a H5 that "Mickey" can not only produce different reactions to voice tones, but can also link back-end data to recommend Tmall Super Brand Day products that match voice keywords. At the same time, multi-screen AR interactive technology is combined with large pillars at subway stations. By connecting with mobile phones and screens through AR technology, users could "call out" IP Mickey to their phones. Make a wish then the products related to the key word are shown on your Tmall app as well as on the pillar screens. The whole offline and online experience is fully connected. 


KFC Gaming Bucket

Mobile Commerce/ New Retail, Gold
Mobile Gaming, Gamification and eSports, Silver

KFC successfully integrated classic arcade games (Pacman, Galaga, Battle City) with various product combinations and China's largest social platform WeChat. They utilized Gaming Commerce value to the max, an outstanding O2O case. The design of gimmicks is interlinked, not only converting gamers into KFC consumers, but engaging gamers into consumption through WeChat penetration and game points, which strengthens Gamer's loyalty.


Mead Johnson Decoder

Machine Learning and Robotics, Bronze

Mead Johnson developed a baby nursing and parenting mini program based on custom-built voice AI. Their technology implements iFlytek's NLP module and leverages a global database of baby nursing and parenting entries. It is a scalable build that we hope to bring to other categories. 



*Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), which officially entered Chinese market in 2011, is a global non-profit organization in the marketing industry. MMA aims to promote mobile marketing and innovative technology in China, in close cooperation with the China Advertising Association to push the sound landing of digital advertising monitoring and verification in China. SMARTIES is an annual competition founded by MMA in 2005 as the first and only global award designed to commend innovation and creativity of mobile marketing with significant impact.