AR Powered Grooming Guide


There’s nothing simple about the perfect shave - the Philips AR Grooming Guide makes it dead simple to try a new beard on, and learn how to make it happen.


Inspire and guide

Even in places where the best expertise is shared, men don’t come just for the advice. They come for the experience, personality and ability to feel good about a new style.


Grooming and styling a fantastic beard can be a tough ask for busy men, but with a simple goal and playful guidance, men can enjoy achieving the style they want.


Preview styles in realtime AR

An artificial intelligence powered face scan analyses face shape, hair colour and facial hair length in order to create a personalised recommendation of what beards to try. 


With the latest AR technology, you can get a photorealistic 3D beard mapped on your face. We use advanced face tracking to keep the beard in place when you move your face and open your mouth. 


Once you’ve selected the style you want to pull off we’ll guide you through the process with a step-by-step grooming guide. It will give you instructions and tips over time, helping you to grow, maintain, groom and style your new beard.