Last Straw

Son de Miel

We partnered with Son de Miel to create a design innovation that would save an entire bee species.


Bringing about action

We needed a way to increase awareness around plastic pollution,  and to draw attention to the impact that climate change is having on our planet. We partnered with Son de Miel and realised that we needed an idea that would fight against these huge challenges, and help grow and maintain the 'apis mellifera', the most important bee species for pollination. 


Recycle & innovate

Through our research, we found that artificial beehives are made with polyethylene - the same material as drinking straws. We also discovered that the diameter of Apis Mellifera honeycomb cells is 6 mm - the same as the most commonly used drinking straw. We created a functional design based on traditional Langstroth beehives and then collected and sterilized discarded straws. After testing our prototype, we sent our beehives to apiaries to be populated with bee cores and we found that 300 straws could support the life cycle of 4 thousand new bees. We also created a campaign that invited the world to join us in making their next straw, their last straw.