16 June 2020

Isobar picks up D&AD Pencil haul with 1 Yellow, 4 Graphite and 2 Wood Pencils

Snelweg Sprookjes (or "Road Tales" in English) by our Isobar and Achtung!mcgarrybowen Amsterdam teams and Beats Tempo by Firstborn Linked By Isobar have won Five pencils and Two pencils in the D&AD awards respectively.

Road Tales won a Yellow Pencil in the Digital Category (Creative use of Data), three Graphite pencils in Digital (Branded apps and Games), Digital Design (Creative use of Data) and Radio & Audience (Creative Use of Technology), and a Wood pencil in Experiential (Use of Technology). The last time a Netherlands team won the prize was three years ago, which illustrates how hard it is to find this level of recognition.


Firstborn Linked By Isobar also picked up a Graphite Pencil in Design Transformation (Operational Transformation) and a Wood Pencil in Digital Design for Beats Tempo. Tempo is a suite of digital tools designed to educate and train a global audience on Beats’ most cutting-edge products. Launched in 20+ languages, the tool trained over 600,000 employees world-wide, and saw pre-order channel sales rise 2.13x.


Road Tales is a set of innovative location-based interactive audiobooks that transform ordinary road objects into magical characters of a story. The ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen team was originally briefed by Volkswagen to promote the auto brand with an idea that could make car journeys more enjoyable. The insight was that children are increasingly looking to screens for entertainment in car journeys, and so the team created a solution to encourage children to stay curious and look outside for inspiration. The resulting app uses a custom-developed story-engine that creates unique tales based on the location of the user. The team worked in close cooperation with some of the best child book writers in the Netherlands and to promote the app at sales points and in dealerships, the team collaborated with a Dutch foundation called ‘The National Reading Days’. 


If you want to find out more, watch the case study video here, or read Isobar Chief Design Officer, Daniel Sytsma discuss behind the scenes here