Aeon Signa Sports United

A new commerce experience to bring up teams’ passion with custom uniforms powered by a solid headless solution.


Ecommerce as a new business line.

In recent years, it the AEON Group has invested heavily towards a digital shift in Japan, entering the e-commerce business as AEON Signa Sports United with a custom-made sports uniforms as a new business line.  Their challenge was to design an e-commerce experience that enabled teams to bring the spirit and represent their teams through personalizing their own uniforms using the brand’s extensive customization capability.

Building a functional e-commerce platform was not enough to take the business to the top. We delivered CX design built on a mechanism based on the intersection of high customer motivation towards actions and the support of a frictionless purchasing experience.


A headless commerce opportunity.

We developed OUTFITTER, Japan's first business model in which the price of uniforms can be significantly reduced (up to 50%) when a sponsor's logo is placed on the uniform, thus bringing customers to consider the financial as well as the emotional value of customization, stepping up their team’s uniforms to better represent their own spirit and supporters through a clean, smooth customization process in every step of the way that made the entire process as valuable as it was enjoyable.

Through the perceived value of customization, OUTFITTER created a frictionless e-commerce experience that not only allowed customers to purchase from a broad range of uniform designs but also to customize them and add their own tweaks in real-time final product simulations that best reflected teams’ identities. Powered by a limber headless commerce architecture in the CX design that separates the design of the experience from the system it ran on, OUTFITTER accomplished an overwhelming degree of design freedom and future OMO scalability for Aeon Signa Sports United.


Results worth a standing ovation.

Despite being launched amidst the new coronavirus pandemic, OUTFITTER saw great success among teams and their sponsors. OUTFITTER not only surpassed its own expectations by 270%, but bespoke uniform customizations became a trending conversation topic on social media. People sparked praise on the custom uniforms looked like professional team uniforms and were exciting to see, building a differentiated experience that engages and excites customers and expanding based on future needs at speed and scale, placing the customer at the core of the experience.