A Progressive Eco-Friendly Solution

Chubu Electric Power

LINE Business Connect x Notification messages. A new initiative for the energy sector.


Eco-friendly meter readings and a new point of contact to communicate with customers

To reduce Chubu Electric's hurdles addressing customer enquiries, we developed an ecologic move forward and a way to build more affinity with customers. Maximizing LINE's number of active users and combining it with Chubu Electric's CRM data, a new way to communicate with customers was born which also delivered a branding message of awarenes for the environment.


Get notified on consumption charges and six other functions thanks to LINE Business Connect

Users are notified with direct readings from their electric meters, check their monthly charges, pull data available for gas and electricity for their latest month and have access web content. All directly available on LINE. Merits of LINE Business Connect include confirming electricity and gas charges in the talk screen with a single tap, checking consumption right through the talk screen, earn and use points, direct enquiries by chat, information on power outages and response and easy completion of procedures such as relocation, plan changes, Etc.


120% of paperless adoption. 62,000 new LINE friends within the first 5 months since launching and less impact for the planet.