The Ultimate Hokkaido Experience


We created Japan's first LINE based integrated service to support travellers as they visit Hokkaido, a popular touristic destination.


Experiencing Hokkaido in a new way

AIRDO wanted an original service that would help to grow its existing number of customers.
Leveraging LINE, Japan's top messaging app, with over 68 million monthly users, we developed the AIRDO ONLINE Service.
Our service was developed with features aimed at supporting travellers to Hokkaido from beginning to end towards their ultimate traveling experience in Hokkaido.


A Seamless Customer Experience

The AIRDO ONLINE Service delivers full support to ensure all traveling painpoints, from finding flights, getting there and deciding what to do after arriving were covered using LINE as the communication platform.
Users can search for customised information relevant to their Hokkaido destination through its Tabi-Navi function within the chat window in addition to booking, checking flights, and QR issued boarding pass. All without ever leaving your LINE chat screen.


14.2% growth from the previous year, nearly 500,000 new followers in just 6 months

Over 2 million passengers, its largest number on record on all routes.
14.2% growth from the previous year.
Nearly 500,000 new friends added to AIRDO's Official LINE account in just 6 months.