Launching social prints with Fujifilm


We went beyond creating an ad campaign, we created and launched a new online printing service for Fujifilm by partnering on everything from sales to strategy, product development, sales development and marketing.


Fujifilm was experiencing a decline in interest from young consumers as a result of the proliferation of digital screens.

It needed a way to show that printing services are still relevant, and that print is just as easy to view and share amongst friends.


We created an innovative solution that enabled photos to be printed direct from LINE - Japan's most popular messaging app

Everyone with an account could send phones to Fujifilm's official LINE account to see options for their own personalised printed products in real time. We created the concept "sha-prises" (photo suprises) where these goods could be given as gifts through Line.


1.9 Million friends added on Fujifilm's official LINE account within six months of the service launching

This offering also generated topicality, and its novelty was covered by 80+ finance-related online media publications as “Fujifilm’s new service”.

Fujifilm continues to build momentum with new services continuously being launched on the LINE platform every month to this present day.