Diego Vurro

Experience Director

Born as a street writer and hired by agencies for some illustration in 1998, soon after he developed as proper designer until he met Flash 4 and the newborn digital interaction trend.

Making his first steps as an “unconventional nerd”, he experienced several small studios and agencies both as a web designer and digital developer.

In 2002 he decided to start his freelance journey, being involved in some projects for international clients - such as Electronic Arts and Nokia - in Italy and abroad, obtaining his first worldwide digital awards. In 2008 he joined Dodicitrenta as creative coder and web designer, developing a vertical expertise on digital projects and gradually becoming a client advisor and the operation manager of the team.

His career continued during the merging of Dodicitrenta with The Big Now where as Chief Digital Officer he became also responsible for innovation and R&D, focusing on AR, MR and machine learning. Today he is Chief Experience Officer at Isobar Italy, orchestrating design, ux, creative tech and data, pushing the boundaries of not-only-digital experiences for client like Gucci, Fendi, Maxmara and Tod’s.

During these years he also cultivated two of his most important passions, teaching – as lecturer at IED Milan - and cooking (seriously). Dedicated, goal-oriented, obsessed with details and excellence, Diego has adopted his favourite brand payoff “just do it” as a personal mantra… even in the kitchen.