Jianhao Chen

Chief Technology Officer

Jianhao Chen is an expert in positioning brand's data circuit and user experience on social media platforms, and providing suitable solutions to help brands complete digital transformation. His rich experience and outstanding performance in integrating WeChat operation and mobile payment have been recognized as the most valuable digital service in retailing industry. His clients include Starbucks, Marriott, Hyatt, KFC, Pizza Hut, Sephora, Innisfree, Decathlon, etc. 

With very professional knowledge structure, Jianhao is an important technology partner of WeChat, AliPay, TikTok, etc. As a long-term partner of WeChat, he often participates in the integration test of new WeChat features and he is also one of the most popular lecturers at WeChat public seminars. Jianhao also serves a guest speaker of Baidu's AI open platform. His rich experience and professional knowledge fueled the in-depth collaboration with TikTok Enterprise Open platform, allowing him to participate in the creation and request planning of TikTok open platform.

Jianhao was honored with Campaign APAC Tech MVP 2021, and Campaign Asia Digital A-List for many times. His great technical experience not only enables him to deliver the premium solution by integrating expertise with clients’ request, but also fuels brands to fully develop and utilize features of social media platform to maximize the marketing and sales performance.