28 February 2018

Isobar Global COO shares the future of digital at Digital Marketing Forum

As digital technology, data and creative processes rapidly advance, the future of digital is top of mind for business leaders across the globe. In the world of ad blockers, and audiences who are harder to engage with than ever before, creating personalised customer experiences across touchpoints means gaining a competitive advantage.
The 2018 Digital Marketing Forum hosted in Bucharest, Romania, offered its global business audience tips on how to achieve this competitive advantage, from digital strategy and experience design, to a conference on the final day where digital experts shared their thoughts on digital marketing in 2018 and beyond.
 Isobar’s Global Commercial & Operations Director and Executive Vice President, Mike Mulligan, presented The Future Of Digital, sharing key insights into why investing in digital is more important than ever for businesses and brands.Mike began by explaining how Isobar’s Digital Strength Index (DSI) proves the connection between a firm’s digital strength and increases in revenue and shareholder value. 
 He continued by revealing results from the DSI, “Digital leaders saw next year revenue growth of 9 percent, but for laggards, revenue fell by 8 percent.” Moving on to emerging digital trends for 2018 and beyond, Mike explained that it’s getting easier to imagine a future where technology overwrites humanity, but defined Isobar’s view on the future of digital, “We see a future where technology enhances our most human attributes and our emotional intelligence. Not overwrites it.”
 Referring to Isobar’s 2018 Trends Report, Mike explored Isobar’s five key trends for 2018, which look at the intersection of technology, creativity and humanity. Mike described to the audience how voice, gesture and gaze will replace tapping and typing when engaging with content and commerce experiences; how brands will tackle the shift from customers to communities as technology turbocharges the sharing economy; how the power of AI will deliver ever-more personalised products, prices and places; how brands can use technology as a force for good, and how art, design, technology and data can combine to create outputs we could never have created before.