10 June 2020

I DIDN’T #STAYATHOME – Isobar Poland and Screen Network created a monthly OOH campaign for the Oncological Education Program

A campaign for the Oncological Education Program has been supported by the Isobar (Dentsu Aegis Network Poland) and Screen Network agencies. The aim of the project is to thank and express respect for nurses for their extraordinary commitment and work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nurses have always been on the front lines when it comes to the health and lives of their patients. However, the current situation has further highlighted the dedication of nurses, who while practicing their profession in hospitals and other health centers, break the rules and sacrifice their own health to protect the lives of others.

The Oncological Education Program Foundation, which conducts trainings for this group of medical staff - has noticed how much dedication and exposure to their own health, doctors do their work every day. That is why the Foundation offered Isobar and Screen Network to cooperate in expressing appreciation and thanking all medical staff.

The campaign results are visible on billboards with photos showing nurses doing their job. On each photo there is also a statement by a nurse: “I did not keep a distance of 2 meters, because I put on a venflon for the patient”, “I didn't #stayathome, because I was correcting the patient's pillow”, “I didn't share a smile with you because I didn't take off the mask for hours.”.

Actions have been taken pro bono, and the campaign will last - until July 8, 2020.