4 September 2020

Mester Grønn has chosen Isobar as their provider of tomorrow's customer experience!

Mester Grønn chose Isobar
Mester Grønn, Norway's largest wholly owned florist chain with over 130 stores nationwide, has chosen Isobar as a partner to optimize the future customer experience.

– With a stable growth in the past few years, Mester Grønn has marked its position as a leading florist chain by delivering good customer experiences. However, we have to invest in technology, to ensure that Mester Grønn will be able to deliver great customer satisfaction in the future as well, says Hege Hildeng, Head of marketing at Mester Grønn


For this work, Mester Grønn has now chosen Isobar as their partner. The agency will assist Mester Grønn with the implementation of technology, advising on smart use of data for modern e-commerce, strategy for CRM and effective communication solutions, both online and offline.


– As Mester Grønn operates in a competitive retail industry, it is extremely rewarding for us at Isobar to contribute with the implementation of technology such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Marketing and Service Cloud. And of course, to help Mester Grønn achieve their business goals, says, Ville Sivonsen, Head of Martech at Isobar


Mester Grønn invests in solutions for succeeding in both short term and long term, and is very pleased to be collaborating with Isobar  which has wide experience with Martech solutions. Among other things, Isobar will help tailor customer journeys for providing an optimal customer experience.


– Consumers have greater expectations of us as a company when it comes to personalization and relevant communication. If you want to succeed in retail for the next 10-20 years, you will have to deliver above par on customer experience. Mester Grønn is already delivering very well on this, but we must constantly improve in order to earn our customers, Hildeng says.


About Mester Grønn

Mester Grønn is Norway's largest wholly owned florist chain with over 130 flower shops nationwide. Mester Grønn was established in Skien at Herkules Stormarked in 1983. Since then, Mester Grønn has grown to become Norway's leading florist chain, by focusing on quality from start.