7 April 2020

Media habits post corona

This disruption in our lives is so overwhelming, long-lasting and extensive that it is likely to have structural impacts on our media habits and how we meet our small and large needs.

Out of pure necessity, new innovations, product development, habits, traditions, trends and structures are now created before our eyes. Much of this will disappear quickly, but some will survive. And some innovations will mix with the established and create new communication forms and platforms. For example, it is natural to assume that SATS has tasted the sweet flavor of online training. The music industry will probably carry on the concept of live streaming. And there is reason to believe that Norwegian meeting culture won´t be completely re-evaluated and reinvented.

As in the wake of most global crises, TV series, movies, fashion, art, technology, video games, travel, work, social events, politics and many other socially defining markers will also be colored in one way or another by this period. This is culture-changing.

In times of crisis, it is natural for people to reevaluate what is important in one's everyday life, and what and who is worth spending their time and money on in the future. Not unlike the process that many brands are going through right now. This is one of the reasons that the vast majority of advisors agree that it can be smart not only to focus on price and product, but also loyalty-building communication these days. Many brands have probably been thrown out in this way of thinking storytelling now, but they will most likely profit from it in the long run if they continue to build real relationships with their audience. We, who work with young audiences and modern media daily, are well aware of the competitiveness of offering commercial content that tells a story the target group can relate to and experience as valuable time spent, as well as information about price and product. And not least understand what message the target group wants in which channels at what times. This is a communication trend that we have witnessed for a long time, but which is likely to experience a strong acceleration these days.

Creating creative corona-relevant content about corporate social responsibility and social distancing is all good, but don't forget to come up with the future and plan for a new and exciting time on the horizon. In short, I think media habits post corona will offer great opportunities for brands that are innovative and fast in on their feet. Agile and forward-thinking challengers will use this opportunity to sneak up on market leaders and change the competitive landscape in no time. Smart and brave market leaders will hold on to their position by embracing change and new media habits.