18 December 2019

Mudah.my encourages Malaysians to declutter with new campaign

10.10, 11.11, 12.12 – any shopaholic relates these dates to online shopping discounts. As the year draws to and end and with the recent conclusion of the online flash sales that hit the nation over the past two months, Mudah.my launched a campaign titled Kena Sales? Kena Sell! in a bid to help Malaysians declutter and sell unused goods on the online marketplace. 

The online marketplace, while encouraging decluttering, is also  offering users a way to earn back money spent during the massive annual shopping spree. 

Set against the year-end sales period, the online platform is capitalising on the season’s noise to highlight its unique position as a marketplace that offers users a convenient platform to buy and sell almost anything. 

The campaign was created together with Isobar Malaysia, which supports democratising commerce for Malaysians which is also Mudah.my’s mission.  

Using a creative video incorporating elements of classic Malaysian folklore and tapping unto Malaysians’ love for horror and mythological tales, the campaign breathes a new life into its ‘sell’ messaging.  

“With the festive season drawing near, we want to showcase how Mudah.my can help consumers in a fun and entertaining way – with our ‘Kena Sales? Kena Sell!’ campaign, which aptly addresses a shopper’s predicament on how to manage their (post) shopping needs, we do just that,” said Andrew Pinto, Head of Marketing at Mudah.my. “The campaign reminds our users that our platform can help them declutter and make money at the same time.”

Mudah.my’s platform model reinforces its value as a unique marketplace, differentiating itself from e-commerce sites.

“Knowing full well that Malaysians are constantly bombarded by sales come year-end, we felt it was strategic to hijack the occasion and disrupt the focus – from buying to selling,” saif Liew San Yen, ECD of Isobar Malaysia. “Through a humorous video that features a catchy song, we wanted to create an earworm and remind our audience that if they were to spend excessively during any sales period, they could always turn to Mudah.my to let go of their unwanted or unused items to earn some money back.”

The ‘Kena Sales? Kena Sell!’ campaign follows the online marketplace’s wildly successful ‘Memang Mudah’ campaign, which was launched on the platform’s social media pages earlier this August and  the videos have garnered nearly 21 million views on YouTube to date.

Link to full You Tube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEdyWy7G7Hk